Contact – Team Listing Request

Thank you for your interest in having your Paranormal Investigation Team listed or updated on our site.

We DO NOT, and WILL NOT ask for any payment for this service!

The only thing that we ask in return, is registration and participation in our Facebook Group Page, located here.

We try to get the listings updated as quickly as possible. Please bear in mind that those with the access to update the website all have full time jobs, so please allow up to seven days for your listing to be updated on the website. We usually get it done alot quicker than that, but we try to make sure to have the site updated within 7 days.

To be eligible for listing in the Team Directory on our website, all you need to do is to meet 3 simple requirements, if you do, fill in the contact form below, and we will get you listed as soon as we can. Those requirements are:

1) Your Team must be willing to help people with their paranormal problems. We are after teams to list that want to take on private residence and private business cases when they come up. We dont mind if your team also investigates historical locations, big business, etc, just as long as your Team is willing to help people that need the help when a case comes up (if your Team does not want to help people with their paranormal problems when they come up, then this list may not be for your team)
2) Your Team must have a Website / Facebook Page so people looking for help can look you up to see if your Team is the right fit for them
3) Your Team must have a form of contact for people to be able to contact you for help. Presently, the methods of contact that we accept are either Email Address, Website Contact Form, or Facebook Page

So if your Team meets the above requirements, please feel free to fill out the form below, and then head over to the Facebook Group Page, and check them out.