Welcome to Ghost Hunters Of Australia, a website and Facebook community dedicated to the Paranormal in Australia.

This website is designed as a central location for Paranormal Teams throughout Australia to advertise, collaborate, communicate and aid those in need.

This website is also designed for the General Public to be able to to get information, gain assistance, and to be able to find a Paranormal Investigation team in their area to render assistance if needed.

Most things can all done through our Facebook Group, so feel free to head to our Facebook Group and join in.

Over time, you will find a comprehensive listing of Paranormal Teams throughout Australia on this website, as well as a wealth of information on the paranormal in our Facebook Group and on the site.

So, please feel free to check out the Facebook Group, ask for any assistance you may require, put in your $0.02 worth, enjoy and have fun! Please note that this site, and the Facebook Group is not just for Paranormal Teams, it is also for the General Public, so please feel free to check out the site and participate in the Facebook Group.

If you are a Paranormal Investigation Team, and your team is not listed on our website, the information we have on the site is not correct, we apologise. Please feel free to contact us to have your Teams Details added to our list of Paranormal Investigation Teams.

If you have questions about the paranormal, and would prefer it not be in the view of the public, please feel free to contact us and ask us there.

Ghost Hunters Of Australia does NOT charge for any of it’s services, and never will!

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